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Metal Strap Seal ARLO-US-MS03 (1000PCS)

Metal Strap Seal ARLO-US-MS03 (1000PCS)

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ARLO-US-MS03 - Metal Strap Seal

Introducing the ARLO-US-MS03 Metal Strap Seal, a top-tier choice for all your security needs. This tin-plated iron seal is designed to provide unbeatable reliability and security. Explore its specifications, uses, and the advantages it offers:


  • Model Type: ARLO-US-MS03
  • Material: Tin-plated Iron
  • Seal Size: 214 x 9.5 x 0.24 mm (8.43 x 0.37 x 0.009 inches)
  • Tensile Strength: 463 N (47.24 KG)
  • Print: Embossment
  • HS Code: 8309900000
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1000 pcs
  • Color: Natural (Ball head can be dyed with Red, Yellow, Blue, Green)
  • Customization: Company name and serial number embossed
  • Package: 100pcs/bundle, 1000pcs/carton
  • Carton Size: 32 x 23 x 23 cm (12.6 x 9.06 x 9.06 inches)
  • Gross Weight (GW): 6.5 KG (14.33 lbs)
  • Net Weight (NW): 6.0 KG (13.23 lbs)

Advantages and Common Uses:

The ARLO-US-MS03 Metal Strap Seal offers several advantages, making it an ideal choice for various applications:

  • **Exceptional Tensile Strength:** With a tensile strength of 463 N (47.24 KG), this seal is built to withstand heavy loads and provide reliable security.
  • **Customization:** The embossed customization option allows you to add your company name and a unique serial number, enhancing the security of your cargo or materials.
  • **Versatile Application:** It's commonly used in securing cargo, bundling materials, and more, making it an indispensable tool in logistics, shipping, and various industries.
  • **Durable Material:** The tin-plated iron construction ensures durability and resilience, suitable for long-term outdoor use and challenging environments.
  • **Color Options:** The natural color of the seal can be further customized with Red, Yellow, Blue, or Green for easy identification and tracking.

Choose the ARLO-US-MS03 Metal Strap Seal for your security needs. Whether it's for cargo transport, material bundling, or securing valuable items, this seal offers reliability, strength, and customization options that set it apart.

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